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HYEnergy Wind Turbines

HYEnergy Wind Turbines

The HYEnergy Wind range of wind turbines have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to be perfectly suited to a vast amount of applications where alternate renewable energy sources are required. Thus reducing electricity consumption costs and more importantly reducing our impact on the environment from the use of conventional non-renewable energy solutions.

The entire range of HY wind generators have be selected by the World Wind Energy Association for a Global high quality small and medium wind generator product award as well as been drafted into the WWEA top quality product catalogue. Featuring a patented anti-corrosion, salt corrosion testing and light weight design. Including an unprecedented 5 year manufacturer's Warranty and 15 year designed life, HY small wind turbines are a long lasting high quality compact product to supply a lasting source of renewable energy, combating the effect on our environment resulting from the use of conventional non renewable energy sources.

Designed with both reliability and performance in mind, all the Wind Turbines feature maintenance free design, high reliability and consistent performance.

A small home wind turbine is a long term investment. Before one purchases a wind turbine, the first factor to consider is if the energy produced by a wind turbine can pay for itself off in 5 years or less. In order to achieve this, the wind turbine must be a high quality, reliable, maintenance free unit featuring excellent performance.

The second factor to consider is installation and ownership cost. Poor reliability, low quality and high maintenance will greatly increase ownership cost and make the wind turbine impossible to finance itself.

The third factor is environment and safety. A small home wind turbine should be safe for high winds, quiet and have no vibration to make it residential and home friendly.

All HY wind turbines exceed the above requirements in the areas of:

  • An unprecedented 5 year manufacturer's Warranty and 15 year designed working life, incorporating a Brushless Generator and Permanent Neodymium magnet technology.
  • Smart Blade Aerodynamic Braking and Electromagnetic Speed Limitation : Abandoned the traditional failure-prone mechanical furling system, the blade itself is designed with over-speed braking system which will generate a reverse reluctant torque to lower the blade rotation speed to ensure the blades and generator can operate in higher wind speed. This Design improvement solved safety and reliability problems facing by most small wind turbines. Combination of Electromagnetic braking and aerodynamic braking maximizes energy capture by extending turbine's operating speed range into higher and lower wind speed which is missed by first generation small wind turbines.
  • Amazingly quiet operation no vibration. Conforming to the IEC 61400-11 wind turbine standard for Noise Measurement
  • Highly Reliable, two-moving-part maintenance free design.
  • Patented slip ring design, Guarantees twist free cables.
  • Rotor and housing: Patented rotor design is manufactured of a high quality stainless steel rotor shaft featuring permanent neodymium magnet, the unique winding and multi pole design reduces the start-up torque required.
  • High-strength Nylon-fiberglass patented Blades featuring a twisted aerodynamic design and high blade efficiency. All Blade sets are produced utilizing the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection moulding technology for highest strength, balance, consistency of quality, performance and durability.
  • IP56 Rated cast aluminium turbine housing.
  • Easy installation, flange connection or bolt-on clamp tower or pole connection. (50mm)
  • Anti-Corrosion, Salt Corrosion Testing and Light Weight Design
  • CE certified for "Small Wind Turbine with High Reliability".
  • ISO certified for "Design, Development and Manufacture of Wind Turbines".
  • ROHS and ETL Compliant
  • WWEA High Quality Product Award