Primus Wind Turbines

Designed And Built In the USA.
A 5-year warranty with over 150,000 units installed globally since 1995.
Integrated controller for ease of Installation. Low to Extreme Wind Conditions. Optional silent blades.

  • Battery Charging

  • Solar And Wind Hybrid Systems

  • Applications: CCTV, Communication Sites

  • 5 Year Warranty Available, Minimal Maintenance Required

  • Designed, Manufactured In USA, Supported By Pegasus Systems South Africa

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Primus Wind Turbine
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Can A Wind Turbine Be Connected To A Solar System?

Wind power can be used in off-grid and Grid-Tie systems. In these applications, wind turbine electric systems can be used in combination with other components -- including solar electric system -- to create hybrid power systems.

Are Wind Turbines Noisy?

Not at all. The Pegasus Wind Turbine Inventory are known for their very low noise levels and durability.

How Do I Find Out if My Site is Windy Enough?

The actual wind speed at your site will be influenced by the local topography and any nearby obstructions such as trees or other buildings. Wind movement around buildings themselves is very unpredictable. Please contact our team for expert advice.

How Much Space do I Need for a Turbine?

Ideally, stand-alone turbines should be sited as far away as possible from buildings or trees, which may block the wind and cause turbulence. As a guide, the wind turbine should be about twice the height of obstructions in the immediate front of it (for at least the prevailing wind direction). In general, the turbine should be above the height of nearby obstructions that are within a distance of 10m to 60m of the tower heights.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Small wind energy installations may require planning permission and you should always consult the planning officials or supplier, preferably confirmed in writing if this is needed. It is clearly good manners to discuss your plans and aspirations with your neighbors. Relevant factors include environmental impact, access to the site, noise and visual effects.

How Long Do Wind Turbines Last?

A wind turbine typically lasts around 15-20 years. During this time, some parts may need replacing. The very first factory-mass-produced turbine celebrated its 21st birthday in May 2001 and has operated steadily throughout its lifetime, and so far, none of the major components have had to be replaced. Some earlier workshop-produced turbines have operated for longer.

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