Welcome Partner

Thank you for representing the Bornay Wind Turbine.

The Bornay Wind + is the result of over 45 years of experience in the small wind industry. With a designed lifespan of over 25 Years. The Bornay Wind Turbine is the best on the Market.

Water Pumping, Battery Charging (Including all Lithium), SMA Grid Tie Compatible.

Current Developments:

  • We will only be selecting a very small handful of Partners in RSA as not to over saturate thus not losing the incentive for the Partner.
  • We have developed an optional 10 Year Warranty for the Turbine. Some financial institutions require components to incorporate a 10 Year warranty on all products for financial support.
  • The costing has been kept as low as possible, we have not included shipping from Bornay Spain. The shipping costs are relatively inexpensive. I would like to concentrate orders month by month or on Order of 5 units or more. Shipping will be very inexpensive if structured in this fashion.
  • We have development a 12m Tower that is lowered up and down with a Permanent hand Ratchet. One man can operate it. This making serving and inspection quick and inexpensive. The tower is very well priced.

Further Developments to come.


Jason Back

073 542 8152

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