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TRIAC Hybrid Power Station

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TRIAC Hybrid Power Station

The TRIAC is a fully integrated sustainable solar & hybrid electricity generator.

Electricity which is generated from Renewable sources makes the TRIAC a clean and robust power solution.
Generated electricity is stored in self-maintaining deep cycle stationary batteries.

Integrating a Gen-Set is optional on all models. The purpose of this option is for times when demand is higher than electricity generated over a long time periods. The diesel generator automatically starts and fills the gap between demand and generated power and turns off automatically when input is higher than output or equal.

All the models are delivered fully assembled and after rigorous testing. Ready for use on demand 24 hours a day. The TRIAC generator range can power a single home, factory, hospital or entire village, while it has proven to be much more cost effective solution to supplying power compared to diesel generators.

The TRIAC system architecture is designed to be plug & play and withstand high tolerances.The TRIAC is kind on the environment and operates silently, odorless and smoke free.


  • Disaster relief
  • Remote Research Stations
  • Remote Resorts, homes and farms
  • Uninterruptible power Systems
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Wells
  • Machinery
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Housing
  • GSM/ Telecommunication stations
  • Submersible pumps for wells
  • Villages

Easily Transported: Containerized Models
Our specially designed containers are able to carry with forklifts or crane.

Easily Installed
Complete components for easy installation, can be installed within hours by a novice user.
Turnkey solution with rapid solar deployment and setup, with virtually easy assembly. Plug & Play installation