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Hello there! I am Jason Back, thank you for the interest in our products. I have a great passion for Wind Turbines. One of my proudest qualifications was achieving my commercial pilots license in 2007. Holding a good number of flying hours on various aircraft. During this time my fascination with wind turbines began.

We have extensively tested a fantastic number of turbines. Leaving no stone unturned! I am proud to present products of fantastic quality that will exceed your highest expectations.

Only the finest components are selected into the Pegasus inventory. I am extremely confident that our products will provide many years of uninterrupted service. Sincerely, Jason Back.

Please feel free to contact our Sales Manager Steve Fourie, He will happy to answer all your questions. steve@pegasus-systems.co.za

Steve Fourie (Sales Manager) (+27) 212762975 / 0742189845 Mon-Fri: 08H00-17H00

My BIO: 

Founder Of The Powerforum : www.powerforum.co.za & Pegasus Systems .

Passion : Renewable Energy, Aviation and Animal Lover


& Data


Years of Experience

Bornay appears in the early 70’s under the direction of Juan Bornay, and today it continues to be a family firm, now in its second generation.


International Installations

Bornay, having successfully carried out more than 9000 small wind turbine installations in more than 70 countries.


Connected Locations
  • Monitor your renewable energy system:
    • Wind / solar production, battery status. inverter status, consumption.

Turbine Saftey

Security x 3

Three control systems improve the security of Wind + wind turbines:

  • Electronic controller
  • Wind + Speed Control
  • Tilting disorientation.

WOW! Thank you for all this and your PROMPT response. It is exactly this kind of response that creates business. I am in the beginning stages of my research in the possibility of fitting my home with this kind of system.I will be in touch in the near future


Thank you for your service throughout this project. We are delighted with the installation and will recommend your services to acquaintances. I am particularly impressed with your professional and punctual approach.

Wimpie Vd Merwe

Many thanks. Your quote and delivery was the best of the guys I asked


I must thank you for your kind assistance


I honuor your ethics and thank you!!!

Harry Bloem

Ek is 100% happy en baie beindruk met die proeduk. baie dankie sal beslus dit aan beveel vir aner boere


Hi Just took these pictures this weekend. It's the best thing since sliced bread.


I was very happy with the way Pegasus and Jason in particular handled my requirements.There were many emails back and forth and I found then very prompt and clear in their response. The only negative I can say was the LED in one of our controllers malfunctioned but this was manufacturer’s problem and Jason arranged for a replacement. Hope you enjoy your turbine

Collin Ayling

I would just like to say thank you for the speedy delivery of our wind turbines, and the wonderful service


For a

We provide reliable and sustainable services. That it is our pledge to Planet Earth.

At Pegasus Systems, we are committed to a high level of professional people orientated service.
Offering only superior products backed by unprecedented guarantees. Only the finest components and items are selected into the Pegasus inventory.
Striving to make Renewable Energy & IT Technology - Affordable And Accessible.
Sincerely - The Pegasus Team

Renewable Energy & Information Technology Solutions.
At Pegasus Systems, we are committed to a high level of professional people orientated  service. Offering only superior products backed by unprecedented guarantees. Striving to  make Renewable Energy & IT Technology - Affordable And Accessible