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Pika T701 Wind Turbine

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Pika T701 Wind Turbine

Pika Energy USA has developed the high-performance T701 Home Wind Turbine to deliver you serious power at a substantial savings. You get online system monitoring, best-in-class safety, and the flexibility to expand your clean energy system in the future. Pika is dedicated to designing clean energy technology that makes financial sense for any household, school, business or farm with a good wind resource.

Pika Energy's T701 Wind Turbine is a smart choice for anyone wishing to utilize natural wind as an energy source, and a great complement to new and existing off/on-grid solar PV systems. Building a hybrid energy system by adding a wind turbine to your off/on-grid PV system provides precious power during extended winters and cloudy periods, and helps prolong battery life by supporting loads through the dark winter months.

Limited Power Performance (LPP) certification by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) was granted in February 2015. The Power Performance report was found to be in conformance with the AWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard (AWEA Standard 9.1 – 2009).

With Pika’s B801 REcharge™ Battery Charge Controller, take the final step to energy independence by going off the grid. REcharge is the efficient, reliable gateway between Pika’s REbus™ DC Microgrid technology and your battery bank, converting 380 VDC electricity to 24 or 48 VDC (field-configurable). It also extends battery life with customizable charge parameters to support FLA, AGM, AHI, and other battery types.

  • Maintenance free first 10 Years of use
  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 400m Cable Run with 2mm Cable
  • Turbine : Rotor Diameter 3.0 m
  • Swept Area 7.1 sq m
  • Rater Power Output : 11 m/s is 1.5kW
  • Peak power output: 13.5 m/s is 1.7kW
  • Cut in Wind Speed 3.3 m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed 66 m/s
  • Monthly Output 205 kWh at 5 m/s
  • Type: Horizontal axis, upwind rotor, free yaw
  • Direction of Rotation CCW (when looking Downwind)
  • Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5m/s (9 kmph)
  • Blades Glass-reinforced polymer)
  • Warranty : 5 Years
  • Alternator Brushless permanent magnet
  • Output REbus™ DC Microgrid (regulated 380VDC plus data)
  • Grid-connected: Yes Optional
  • PV Hybrid Option: Yes (use Pika S2001 PV Link™)
  • Battery Charging AC coupled options/li>
  • User Monitoring Wi-Fi
  • Speed Control Stall regulation with redundant mechanical brake
  • Redundant Braking One-shot centripetal overspeed brake
  • Tower-top Weight 42 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions 30” L x 17” W x 18” H (turbine) 62” L x 18” W x 14” H (blades)

Q: How much maintenance is required to own the turbine?

A:The Pika T701 wind turbine is designed to be maintenance-free for the first 10 years. Pika recommends replacing the bearings and inspecting the blades at 10-year intervals. The turbine has a 5 year warranty.

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